Catering From Casual to Elegant


A Family Tradition

 Kate Clyde’s is a fully insured,state approved, full-service, on & off-premise catering company with flair high-end elegance and a knack for artfully displaying each of our menu items.  We also offer event design services and rental items for weddings, corporate and social events. Whether you are planning a simple backyard picnic, a large corporate event or an elaborate wedding reception, our staff has the knowledge and experience to turn your ideas into perfection. Contact us today and allow us to partner with you to begin planning an event that is sure to please the palate as well as the eye.

Since you asked… no my name is not Kate and my husband isn’t Clyde.  My name is Katheryn Eason Davis and I began catering backyard BBQs with my father, Bill Eason, in 1985.  We soon discovered that we shared not only our talent for cooking super good food but also our passion for sharing our talents with others.  As our business grew, the demand for variety in our menu also grew as well, therefore we needed a name for our catering division separate from our barbecue company.  In 1997, after the birth of my first child, I decided to pursue catering as my full-time career. Leaving my job as a registered nurse I started Kate Clyde’s Catered Creations. By joining our passion, skills, experience and talents together we truly bring you the best of everything.

So really, who is Kate Clyde? Kate Clyde was my great grandmother, a lady I never met but heard many stories about.  Through stories passed down thru my family I grew very fond of this lady, but I was especially intrigued with her name.  The stories were never about “Kate” it was always “Kate Clyde” this and “Kate Clyde” that.  My family and its traditions are very dear to me, my children are named for my parents and grandparents, so I found it fitting to use my great grandmother’s name for my business.

My family is deep rooted in Southern tradition, fine food and entertaining.  In my grandmother’s opinion you hadn’t really graduated from high school until you could practically recite and routinely demonstrate the standards and guidelines set forth by Emily Post.  Long story short; cooking, entertaining, fine linens and pretty things run deep in my veins.  Creating unique events and flawlessly executing the minute details of each event is truly my passion in life.  I enjoy working daily with my father, as well as my husband and I love that my children now share this same passion with me resulting in three generations working together to continue to bring the same quality and commitment to each of you that has become our standard.

It is our desire to share our passion for the art and science of the culinary world with each of you and your guests.  In creating the event of your dreams our goal is to provide you with not only a wonderful event but, to give you an experience that engages each of your senses and leaves you with long lasting memories of time spent with your family and friends.  Whether you are hosting a corporate event, a social engagement or a wedding reception call us today so that we can take your ideas and create a perfect, unique, stress-free culinary experience that you won’t forget.